Circles and Arcs in SketchUp

By: jakeday

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  • bbrown1205 about 2 years ago
    I'm using "SketchUp Make" 2016. When I hover the push/pull tool over the Trim, the whole side is highlighted, not just the trim. I used the "Offset" tool to make the trim.
    What am I doing wrong?
    I took a screen shot of what it looks like right after offsetting to make the trim, but no way to attach it.
    • jrivo over 4 years ago
      Just getting started on the free version of sketchup.   I'm following your tutorial - day 2, and when I erase the lines below the arc window, it erases the entire wall, versus just the line.  Not sure you could assist?  This must be a pretty simple thing i'm overlooking, because I tried looking for the error, and couldn't find anything.. any help is appreciated.  Thanks!
      • jakeday about 5 years ago
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