Installing Ruby and your Editor

By: jakeday

What you'll need for this tutorial:
Update: Download the more recent version. Ruby 2.2.6
Topics covered in the tutorial: 
  • The Print command 
  • The Puts command
  • Variable: Holds a specific value or object
  • Integer: A whole number 
  • Booleans: True and false statements.
  • Float: A number with a decimal. ex. 4.5624
  • String: Anything within quotations. "like this"

    Sample Code:
  • a = "hello "
    a << "world"   #=> "hello world"
    a.concat(33)   #=> "hello world!"
    a              #=> "hello world!"
    b = "sn"
    b.concat(b, b)    #=> "snsnsn"
  • The written version of this tutorial is not available yet.

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  • chronotron over 5 years ago
    I really would like to learn, but im on a mac.  when you click on the link it says ruby installer for windows.  Is there one for mac?
    • jakeday over 5 years ago
      First install Homebrew by pasting this line in the terminal: 
      /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
      Once that's done installing run this in the terminal: 
      brew install ruby 
      This will install the latest Ruby version. 
      For more on Homebrew visit:
    • jakeday over 5 years ago
      This is the comments section. Ask questions and reply to comments by signing in. Make code easier to read by wrapping it in pre tags or by selecting the desired text and pushing the < > button above. Here's an example:
      def create  
        @article =[:article])    redirect_to @article
      Happy learning!
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